Pirsum Judaica

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Pirsum Menorah was introduced to rekindle the Chanukah spirit in all those who see it by having it approach the grandeur and elegance of the Menorah in the Temple of yore. The Menorah is a beautiful product and an article of conversation for any home all year around, however, it was primarily designed for use in areas of large public assembly such as the Synagogue as well as for corporate settings in lobbies and storefronts where the spirit of the Holiday is to be propagated and displayed in a traditional, yet stylish and pompous manner.
Pirsum Menorah was designed to accommodate virtually all traditional lighting systems, but it features its own brand of a variety of state of the art lamps, ranging from Olive Paraffin Oil discardable lamp modules, dripless candles, as well as flickering flame electric Tea lights for display purposes. Emphasis is on ease of use and features instant lighting, pleasing flame, no handling of wicks ever, no mess with refilling and many other features for no maintenance operation